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Soul Client Attraction Mini Course


Forget everything you thought you knew about your ideal client...

This is so much more than just understanding who your soul client is, this mini course will help you set up a content attraction strategy so you are never left wondering "what do I do now", "who am I talking to" or "what do I talk about" ever again.

Inside Soul Client Attraction you will

Nail down who your soul client REALLY IS...and who it’s NOT (yup, super important!) so you can enter the conversation in their head and have them saying "OMG she gets me!"

Get clear on who YOU ARE and who YOU’RE NOT so that you can show up with extreme confidence and your personality shines through your messaging and throughout your entire brand attracting people who totally vibe with you

Clarify your content and messaging using your soul client avatar and brand personality so you attract clients that are “all in” before you even talk to them making sales SUPER EASY + I'll show you the fastest way to create 30 days of content at once

Learn some bonus copywriting tips that will make your content even more powerful

Understand the buying process of the human mind so you can walk your audience right through their decision making it a no brainer for them to buy.

This month I am offering it for $27 (normally $97) when you use code SCA21

Jump in now before it goes back to it's regular price!

So you can stop:

👀 Feeling like your soul client is as elusive as a normal coffee order at Starbucks

😳 Feeling like you’re not doing enough because you're looking at what everyone else is doing and trying ALL of those things (overwhelmed much?)

🤬 Feeling like you’re missing something because everyone else is having success but everything you’ve done hasn’t worked (like...WTF?)

🏜️ Feeling like you landed in an old western ghost town (cue tumbleweeds) when you post content or create an offer (can I get some ENGAGEMENT please?’)

And Start:

🙋‍♀️ Getting Clients

🤑 Getting Cash


What People Are Saying:

Soul Client Attraction Course helps you dig deep to find your true talent and how that aligns with your potential clients. It allows you to be creative and thoughtful in coming up with statements that will guide your content and your business.

Jessica Vincent